Fox News Ratings Surge 26% Amid Post-Tucker Carlson Shakeup—And Trump Interview

Last week, Fox News witnessed a significant surge in primetime ratings, jumping by 26%, as per Nielsen data. The boost in viewership was attributed to the network’s recent line-up reshuffling, which featured an interview with former President Donald Trump and Jesse Watters taking over the 8 p.m. spot, previously held by Tucker Carlson.

During the week of July 17, Fox News averaged 1.8 million primetime viewers, up from the previous week’s 1.4 million. This figure was consistent with the channel’s year-to-date average of around 1.8 million. In comparison, MSNBC averaged almost 1.2 million viewers (a 2% increase from the previous week), while CNN averaged 653,000 viewers (up 3%).The new primetime line-up at Fox News was launched on July 17 after Carlson’s departure in April. Watters moved from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., Laura Ingraham shifted from 10 p.m. to 7 p.m., Sean Hannity retained his 9 p.m. slot, and Greg Gutfeld moved from late night to the 10 p.m. hour.

Fox News Primetime Ratings Soar 26% with Reshuffled Line-up

The interview between Sean Hannity and Donald Trump, aired on Tuesday, became the week’s No. 1 cable show with an average of 2.84 million viewers. It was followed by the NASCAR race at Pocono on the USA Network, which had 2.8 million viewers. The Five, Fox News’ panel show, secured the next four spots in viewership, with Jesse Watters’ debut at 8 p.m. on Monday drawing 2.5 million viewers.

On the competing network, MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show on Monday attracted 2.35 million viewers, outperforming Hannity by 100,000 viewers, making it one of only four MSNBC hours to make it into the top 40 most-viewed cable shows that week.

Fox News experienced a significant drop in ratings at the 8 p.m. hour following Carlson’s exit, but Jesse Watters’ premiere in the same time slot showed promise, garnering similar viewership numbers to Carlson’s final days on the network.

As for broadcast television, America’s Got Talent on NBC, with a two-hour audition showcase, topped the primetime list with 5.6 million viewers, followed by the July 21 Women’s World Cup game on FOX, which attracted 5.3 million viewers as the United States defeated Vietnam 3-0.

The U.S. Women’s World Cup team’s next match against the Netherlands on Wednesday at 9 p.m. holds promise, and a victory would secure their spot in the Round of 16, provided Portugal wins or ties with Vietnam in Thursday’s match.

Despite the positive ratings, Fox News has been involved in several controversies, including legal challenges and contentious on-air remarks, which have garnered attention in recent months.

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